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Get your business online with Google Search and Maps

Get Online with Google Search and Maps

  • Virtual Photo Tours is a Google Trusted Photographer helping businesses in the Philadelphia metropolitan area get their business online with Google.

  • Our primary business is to supply high quality 360º photography, as well as standard still photography to help you fulfill all of your online marketing goals. Please see our portfolio or success stories by industry.

  • We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality photography - Our guarantee is simple: you must be satisfied or we will re-shoot your job until you are satisfied.

  • As a service to our customers, we have located, reviewed, and made available to you on our web site, the best training videos from Google. This library includes: Introducing "Google My Business", "Google My Business" Product Overview, Learn the Basics of "Google My Business", and How to Add or Claim your Google Account. These videos will help you to understand how to take advantage of local search results driven by Google.

  • We are also available, without charge, to help with any Google account issues or problems, including helping you to claim your Google account.

Virtual Photo Tours can help with the following:

  • Take advantage of Google's free services to improve your online presence.

  • Use the Google My Business application to attract and monitor search traffic to your Google My Business page.

  • Add photography to your Google My Business page to increase conversion rates.

  • Add a virtual photo tour as an extension of Google Street View to further increase your conversion rates

This is what the customer sees:

Virtual Photo Tours

Click Statistics:

The screen below is what matters most of all to the business owner. This is the click statistics on traffic coming into your business. This is a real example of a local business doing quite well with the traffic from Google.

Google My Business

The Google My Business Insights page also includes a number of useful graphs including "Phone calls per day of the week".

gmb insights phone calls v2

How do you get started?

Give us a call at (877) 400-0327 to Schedule your no obligation photo shoot.

If you are satisfied with the work we produce we will then invoice your business. When we receive payment we will transfer ownership of the images produced to your business.